Career Life Planning Program

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Adventures in Medicine (AIM) delivers the highest quality of Career and Life Planning content for physicians to pursue your life’s purpose, achieve and maintain their desired work-life balance, and leave a legacy that lives on through their patients, community, friends, and family.

The AIM Career and Life Planning Program for Medical Residents is designed to remove the guess work and stress as you transition from clinical training into your practice life and career through a comprehensive and easy to follow Workbook, Guidebook and series on Online Resource Library.


Our Recommendation on How to Start Your Adventure?

  • Follow along our intuitive Career and Life Planning Workbook that will instruct you when to use the Guidebook or Resource Library by breaking up the process each step of the way.
  • Or if you prefer, choose your desired topic and use AIM’s Workbook, Guidebook, and Resource Library as you see fit and see for yourself how EASY it is to leverage these tools whether you are starting your search, half way through the process or towards the end of your transition.


What You Need:

  • This Workbook is a companion to the 212-page Guidebook.
  • Its exercises and checklists work hand-in-hand with the Guidebook to help you increase your knowledge and create a customized plan for your future.
  • You’ll find helpful cross-references to corresponding Guidebook content throughout the Workbook.

  • This 212-page Guidebook gives the physician detailed content, including,
    • Interviewing
    • Job Selection
    • Contract Negotiation
    • Finance Basics
    • Job Transition
    • Job Search Timeline
    • Market Trends & Trials
    • Compensation Packages
    • Life, Money, and Career Priorities
    • Search Strategy
  • This rich content will provide you meaning and purpose as you work through it’s companion Career and Life Planning Workbook.

  • AIM’s Career and Life Planning Online Resource Library includes more than 150 physician career development content that will help you complete the exercises and explore various topics in greater depth.
  • We encourage you to browse the Library, which we’re constantly updating and expanding, in addition to accessing the resources that are cited in conjunction with specific Workbook exercises.

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